Beginning the Search

I’ve been researching the historical case for the resurrection of Jesus, so I thought I’d start posting my notes online, in case anyone else might happen to be interested. I first started reading about the historical case for the resurrection in 2010, after I discovered the works of William Lane Craig. I originally encountered Craig’s work through an article of his about the kalam cosmological argument that was included in a philosophy of religion anthology that I was reading (I had randomly picked up the anthology in a thrift store just because it looked interesting). I found Craig’s work as a whole interesting because his main topics overlapped with subjects I had followed – arguments for the existence of God, historiography, evolution, the origin of the universe, and so forth. Reading his work became a way to focus and test my own thoughts and beliefs. His case for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus touched on many issues that I thought were important and interesting, and led me to read other works about the subject. Studying the subject has grown into something of a hobby, so I’ve decided to post the results of my own investigation.